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  Engen Refinery Explosion in Wentworth
Posted by: C-ONE - 2020-12-04, 05:19 PM - Forum: Coloured Affairs - No Replies

google map

Blast rocks Durban’s Engen refinery

Wentworth flat catches fire after massive explosion at Engen Refinery

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Star Coloured/Mixed people of history.
Posted by: Fiddles - 2020-11-23, 01:42 PM - Forum: Coloured Affairs - Replies (2)

This thread will be dedicated to Coloured/mixed people who have a had local,regional or international impact on history. It will also include organizations

1st up is South African Harold Cressey https://www.sahistory.org.za/people/harold-cressy

Quote:[font=Fira Sans", "Fira Sans]Harold Cressy was born on 1 February 1889 in Rorkes Drift, KwaZulu Natal. He was one of the five children of Bernard and Mary Cressy. The local Roman Catholic Mission School provided Cressy's primary education and at the age eight he was sent to Cape Town to continue his education. In 1905 he graduated from Zonnebloem College with a T.3 certificate, which was the basic requirement for teachers.[/font]
[font=Fira Sans", "Fira Sans]In 1906, at the age of seventeen, Cressy was employed as principal of the Dutch Reformed Church mission school at Clanwilliam. It was there that he was exposed to the injustices of the Cape's segregated education system. At the same time he continued his studies and obtained his matriculation certificate in 1907. His hard work earned him a study bursary from the Department of Education and he applied to the Rhodes University College.[/font]
[font=Fira Sans", "Fira Sans]His application was successful, but the university refused him entry when they learned that he was a Coloured man. Cressy then applied to the Victoria College at Stellenbosch, now the University of Stellenbosch, and was rejected on the same grounds.This did not prevent him from attempting to study elsewhere. His application to the South African College, now the University of Cape Town, was controversial because Dr Abdullah Abdurahman, president of the African Political Organisation (APO) and Cape Town city counsellor, used his influence to force the college to accept Cressy. In 1910 he graduated from the University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. After his studies he found employment as a teacher at St Philip's Primary School and involved himself in APO activities. He was not focussed on political activism and protest, but rather the improvement of Black people's education in South Africa.[/font]
[font=Fira Sans", "Fira Sans]In 1912 Cressy was appointed principal of the Trafalgar Second Class Public School, which had been established in 1910. It was the only school to offer secondary level for Coloured learners. His appointment saved the school from closure. He laboured tirelessly to raise the reputation of the school by improving standards. Together with the APO he pressured the Cape Town city council to find suitable accommodation for the school. After five years the city council agreed to provide a better site for the school and the Cape School Board donated 3 000 pounds for the erection of a new building. In September 1912 Cressy married Caroline Hartog. Despite the obstacles that Cressy faced he continued to further his education and received a T.2 certificate and School Music Certificate in 1912.[/font]
[font=Fira Sans", "Fira Sans]With the encouragement of Dr Abdullah Abdurahman, Cressy co-founded the Teachers' League of South Africa (TLSA) and was elected president of the league in June 1913. He was also elected first editor of the Educational Journal set up by the TLSA.[/font]
[font=Fira Sans", "Fira Sans]In 1916 Cressy fell victim to the severe pneumonia. He was advised to move to Kimberley where it was expected that his health might improve. On 23 August 1916 Cressy died. He was 27 years old. In October 1918 his wife fell victim of the Great Influenza Epidemic.[/font]

Next is Dimitri Tsadendas https://www.sahistory.org.za/people/dimitri-tsafendas

Quote:[font=Fira Sans", "Fira Sans]Dimitri Tsafendas was the parliamentary messenger who assassinated Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd on 06 September 1966 by stabbing him four times with a dagger during a parliamentary session. Tsafendas was born to a Greek father, an engineer named Michalis Tsafandakis, and a Mozambican mixed-race mother, his housemaid, Amelia Williams, in Mozambique on 14 January 1918.[/font]

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  Concerns mount over draft Gauteng bill banning foreigners from owning businesses in t
Posted by: Mixtius - 2020-10-15, 04:30 PM - Forum: The Gully - No Replies


 [font=Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif]If passed, a draft bill by the Gauteng government will see foreign nationals without permanent residency status banned from opening and operating businesses in certain townships in the province. Scalabrini, an NGO focused on the wellbeing of migrants, has raised concerns over the bill, especially its potential negative impact on the lifeblood of many townships – spaza shops[/font]

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  LG Wing
Posted by: Mixtius - 2020-09-14, 05:13 PM - Forum: Entertainment - No Replies

The LG Wing’s twisting screen offers a new spin on the dual-screen smartphone
[font=Heroic, "Arial Narrow", Helvetica, sans-serif][font=Heroic, "Arial Narrow", Helvetica, sans-serif]9

Coming to Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, but there’s no word on price
By Chaim Gartenberg@cgartenberg  Sep 14, 2020, 10:05am EDT[/font]

Share this story[/font]

[Image: Wing_Hero_Generic.0.jpg]Image: LG
LG is no stranger to two-screen smartphones in recent years, but the company has just officially announced its boldest foray into a dual-screen device in recent memory: the LG Wing. It’s a wild-looking, swiveling-display smartphone that looks to — quite literally — offer a new spin on what a phone can do.
The new phone is inspired by LG’s current trends of dual-screen smartphones like the G8X ThinQ and the Velvet, along with the company’s classic swiveling LG VX9400 feature phone released over a decade ago. The Wing is set to be the first device under LG’s new “Explorer Project” branding, aimed at exploring ways to “breathe new life into what makes a smartphone.”
Wing’s most interesting feature, of course, is the two OLED panels. The first is a standard 6.8-inch main screen without any bezels or notches (instead, LG has chosen to go with a pop-up lens, since apparently the Wing didn’t have enough moving parts to worry about). But it’s the second 3.9-inch panel that’s [i]underneath[/i] the main display that makes the Wing 2020’s most unique-looking phone. Instead of folding out for two full-size (or one flexible) panels side by side, the Wing’s main display twists around and up to reveal the second screen, in a shape that looks a lot like a Tetris T-block.
[Image: wing.jpg]Image: LG
And LG has big ambitions for the types of functionality that this new form factor can enable. The idea is that when in “swivel mode,” you’ll use the main display for whatever your primary task is, while the second display serves as a supplemental window for another app or extended functionality.
[font=Heroic, "Arial Narrow", Helvetica, sans-serif]LG HAS BIG AMBITIONS FOR ITS SWIVEL MODE

For example, LG imagines using the secondary panel for camera controls while using the camera application, freeing up the main display as an uncluttered viewfinder. Flip it around, and you can use the main display as a massive, widescreen keyboard while you respond to a message thread displayed on the smaller, vertical display. Video applications can use the second display for media and volume controls. A lot of this, though, will depend on third-party developers embracing the second display to extend their apps — otherwise, it’ll end up a cool feature limited to just LG’s own software.
Of course, you can also use it to simply run two applications side by side: play a mobile game on your main panel while streaming it online to friends and fans using the second display, or read Twitter while streaming the latest football match.
[Image: Lifestyle_VoiceBokeh_GettyImages_672162177_LG_Wing.jpg]Image: Getty Images / Tetra images RF / LG
The Wing doesn’t just have to be used in a landscape format, either. LG is just as enthusiastic about using the main display in a standard candy-bar “portrait” mode as it is the more obvious widescreen format, with the secondary panel serving as an auxiliary display of sorts while you navigate on Google Maps or read the latest document from work. The secondary half display can also be disabled while flipped out using a “grip lock” feature, allowing you to use it as a useful handle when watching a movie, for example.
[font=Heroic, "Arial Narrow", Helvetica, sans-serif]THERE’S A BUILT-IN GIMBAL MODE

The Wing’s unique form factor also leads to one of the phone’s most interesting features: a “gimbal mode” that allows for the secondary display to be used as a grip, complete with joystick controls for adjusting the camera. LG actually included a second dedicated ultrawide camera on the back to capture footage while the main display is in its swiveled landscape mode (with a rotated sensor to match the orientation). It’s also equipped with a new “hexa motion” sensor that the company says helps avoid interference. The Wing can also shoot in a dual recording mode, capturing video from the front and rear cameras at the same time.
Obviously, with so many moving parts here, there are plenty of concerns about durability and longevity. LG says that it’s aware of those concerns and promises that the Wing will hold up. It’s also working on cases that will be compatible with the swiveling design, something that takes a bit more work than a traditional phone case.
[Image: lg_wing2.jpg]Image: LG
The rest of the hardware for the LG Wing is fairly ordinary. There’s a Snapdragon 765G processor with Qualcomm’s integrated X52 modem for 5G support, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, a 4,000mAh battery, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and support for wireless charging. The biggest omission, of course, is any waterproofing — something to be expected on a phone with this many moving parts.
[font=Heroic, "Arial Narrow", Helvetica, sans-serif]THE REST OF THE HARDWARE IS FAIRLY STANDARD

The second display also adds to the thickness and bulk of the phone, although not as much as, say, the self-contained full-size screen cases that LG’s used in the past. The Wing measures in at 9.17 ounces (260g) and 0.43 inches thick — for comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, with a similar-sized display, weighs 7.76-ounces (220g) and is 0.35 inches thick.
The LG Wing also features a pop-up 32-megapixel front-facing camera, along with a triple-camera setup on the back of the device. There’s a 64-megapixel main camera, a 13-megapixel “regular” ultrawide, and the aforementioned 12-megapixel “gimbal mode” ultrawide that’s dedicated to the landscape mode.
LG says that the Wing will be released in the US on Verizon first, followed by AT&T and T-Mobile. LG says that price, release date, color options, and specs will vary by network partner, which means that we might see a split between a sub-6GHz LG Wing model for AT&T and T-Mobile and a pricier mmWave version that’s exclusive to Verizon, similar to the previously released LG Velvet. That said, as of now, the company has yet to announce even a vague release window or price estimate for the upcoming device.[/font][/font]

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  PlayStation 5
Posted by: Mixtius - 2020-09-14, 04:59 PM - Forum: Entertainment - Replies (1)

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  The most in demand jobs in SA for 2020 - report
Posted by: Mixtius - 2020-09-14, 04:47 PM - Forum: Brain ous - No Replies

link : https://www.iol.co.za/business-report/ec...t-42265310

The most in demand jobs in SA for 2020 - report
[font="Hind Siliguri", sans-serif]By BR Correspondent [Image: clock-ico.76e49fb3.svg] Feb 8, 2020[/font]

[font="Hind Siliguri", sans-serif]DURBAN  - According to the latest findings from the Adzuna index, STEM skills are still the most in-demand jobs in the South African job market. 
STEM skills offer job seekers some of the best opportunities as far as job stability and average salaries are concerned.
To get an idea of the current rareness of job skills and demand for high-paying skills from employers, the jobs search engine analysed a sample of the job titles currently being advertised online. 
The results of the report showed that there is a high demand for developer and financial management skills in the job market. This corresponds with, for example, research done by the HSRC, where they state that almost 60 percent of South Africa’s unemployed population have not matriculated.
[b]The most in-demand jobs in South Africa[/b]

Even though the rareness factor of IT skills across some positions has dipped, the demand for technical skills is still high and the supply of experienced skills is still scarce. 
The latest findings show that surveyors and mechanical engineers are currently earning the highest salaries in the country, with java developers takin home 3 percent less in annual earnings than they did in 2019.
[b]Here's the most in demand jobs and the average salary for 2019 in comparison to the average salary for 2020:[/b]

Job skill/ title
Average salary 2019
Average salary 2020
Pay increase per year
% Increase per year
Mechanical engineer
Java developer
Software engineer
IT manager
Finance manager

[b]Methodology [/b]
To understand which jobs were highest in demand at the start of 2020, the job search engine compared the number of live vacancies with the number of unique searches for each skill. 
Jesse Green, country manager for Adzuna SA said that up to 65 percent of the rarest skills within the country still fall under the tech industry umbrella but also noted that most online job ads are within the tech sector. Other industries that have a greater demand than skill supply include managerial and financial fields.
"Although the data only analyses online job ads, we were able to draw a conclusive inference that South African companies are having a hard time finding and retaining rare tech and financial management skills. By looking at the supply and demand for job skills, we have a better overall understanding of which jobs are the highest in demand and, in turn, offer the most rewarding salaries," concluded Green. [/font]

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  Nação Mestiça
Posted by: Mixtius - 2020-09-14, 04:43 PM - Forum: Mixed Consiousness - Replies (1)

Who we are - click here

Link to site : http://www.nacaomestica.org/

Article translated from Portuguese to English using Google translate. 

[Image: mesticos_bordas.png]
Nação Mestiça - Who we are (pamphlet)
The Nação Mestiça, or Movimento Pardo-Mestiço Brasileiro, is the Brazilian organization of mestizos whose aims are to defend the Brazilian mestizo ethnicity and its people, to enhance the process of miscegenation among the diverse ethnic groups that gave rise to Brazilian nationality, promotion and defense of mestizo identity and the recognition of mestizos as cultural and territorial heirs of the peoples from which they descend.
Founded in 2001, in the city of Manaus, in Amazonas, it defends the valorization of the spontaneous process of miscegenation among the Indians, white Portuguese colonizers, black Africans brought to Brazil in the slavery period, yellow and other immigrants. It defends the recognition of mestizos as heirs of the legacies of the peoples from which they descend. The current president of the organization is Helda Castro. The movement has representation in several Brazilian states.
Brazil is a country with more than 50% of its population made up of mestizos, mostly brown. Brazilian mestizo is the individual who as such identifies himself, brown or not, and who is descended from mestizo or any miscegenation between Indian, white, black, yellow or other non-mixed identity, who identifies himself as distinct from these and ethnically of any other and that, in these terms, is recognized by the community of the Brazilian mestizo ethnic group (national, native, unitary, indivisible, originated and constituted during the process of formation of the Brazilian Nation and inseparable and exclusively identified with it).
In addition to articulating actions to promote Brazilian ethno-racial integration, Nação Mestiça advocates unrestricted equal opportunities for all Brazilians, regardless of their identity or origin. Condemning the attachment to political parties, Nação Mestiça respects the plurality within the mestizo movement.
It has also acted in favor of eradicating the marginalization of ethnic and racial minorities, with a view to reducing social and regional inequalities.
In its statutes the Nação Mestiça defends pluralist democracy and freedom of expression, opposing anti-democratic ideologies and political regimes, as well as racist or segregationist governments.
It defends the rule of law, unrestricted freedom of expression and ideological and political pluralism, understanding that these are more effective in combating racism.
With the thinker Gilberto Freyre as a reference, the Nação Mestiça affirms the ethnic-national identity of the Brazilian people defined after a process of miscegenation between various roots.
He has worked with forums and organizations defending human rights. After being strongly opposed by leaders of the black and Indian movements, she participated in the 1st National Conference on Policies for the Promotion of Racial Equality (Brasília, 2005) with the only mestizo delegate of the event and served in the institution of the Mestizo Day (June 27) in the states of Amazonas, Roraima and Paraíba, and in the municipalities of Manaus (AM), Boa Vista (RR), Autazes (AM) and Careiro da Várzea (AM), being a holiday in the last two.
Action against mestizophobia and de-mestizo
The Brazilian Pardo-Mestizo Movement has been critical of racial and ethnic mestizophobic and de-mestizo policies, such as those undertaken by the Workers' Party (PT) in the governments of Presidents Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff , through the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) and of the Special Secretariat for Policies for the Promotion of Racial Equality (SEPPIR) , which is contrary to mestizo ethnicity and harmful to Brazilian nationality. In this sense, it manifested itself, among others, at the 1st State Conference on Policies for the Promotion of Racial Equality in Amazonas against this non-recognition of mestizo identity by the Brazilian federal government.
I Brazilian Mestizo Congress
After holding annually the I, II, III and IV Seminar on Mestizo Identity, in Manaus (AM), Nação Mestiça held in the same city the 1st Brazilian Mestizo Congress, in 2011.
Social Quotas
The organization defends social quotas in access to education. A representative of the institution participated in a public hearing in the Federal Senate in 2008, in which he defended the non-approval of the racial quota system in Brazil, claiming that this policy is not intended to improve the lives of mestizos, blacks and other groups, but to divide racially the Brazilian society and eliminate its mestizo identity.
The organization was selected and  pronounced , on March 5, 2010, at the Public Hearing on the Constitutionality of Affirmative Action Policies for Access to Higher Education convened by Minister Ricardo Lewandowski of the Supreme Court (STF) to debate the racial quota system at the University of Brasília (UnB). Also on April 25, 2012, it was pronounced in the STF as amicus curiae in the judgment of the Arguition of Non-Compliance with Fundamental Precept (ADPF 186) on the same theme, against racial quotas and the requirement that browns identify themselves as black .
Commemorative dates
It annually celebrates Caboclo Day (24 June) and Mestizo Day (27 June), in the city of Manaus and, from 2012, in Autazes, dates instituted by the movement's demand. To this end, it holds the events of the Month of Mestiço and Caboco , among them the Seminar on Mestizo Identity and the Festival of Mestiço , in Manaus, and the Festa do Mestiço , in Autazes and Careiro da Várzea, in celebration of the respective municipal holidays.

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  Official English Premier League 20/21 Thread
Posted by: Mixtius - 2020-09-11, 09:21 PM - Forum: Sports - No Replies

Fixtures : https://www.premierleague.com/fixtures
[font=PremierSans-Regular, Arial, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif]
[Image: PL_Fixtures_Lead.png]

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  Origins of the term Coloured
Posted by: C-ONE - 2020-09-11, 09:08 PM - Forum: Coloured Affairs - No Replies

The over whelming majority of Coloured people in South Africa and Southern Africa as a whole use the term to describe themselves as well as other mixed race people however, it has become quiet controversial amoungst a small minority in the community mostly in some political and academic circles.

The definition of  Coloured is : 

[font="Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Having a colour or colours, especially as opposed to being black, white, or neutral.[/font]

This is quiet fitting for a group of mixed race people since we do not identify as either black, white or any of the other groups we decend from. Considering that coloureds can vary in appearance from african,european,polynesian,middle eastern,amaridean and all types of combinations of people depending on a coloured persons specific mixture the term coloured suits us best since we are of many colours.

gens de couleur/[b]people of color[/b]

Coloured has its roots in the term people of colour which is from the french term gens de couleur a term used for mixed race people in french colonies.


The term [i][b]gens de couleur was commonly used in France's West Indian colonies prior to the abolition of slavery, where it was a short form of gens de couleur libres (French: [ʒɑ̃ də kulœʁ libʁ], "free people of color"). It referred specifically to free people of mixed race, primarily African and European.[/b][/i]

This term was adopted in the english speaking world as coloured and then used for mixed race people in Southern Africa. Contrary to the beliefs in political and academic circles the term and the people it describes were not "invented" by aparthied. Coloured was on the first census in 1911 ( http://www.scielo.org.za/scielo.php?scri...1000200001) and was even used in the Natal census of 1891 (https://www.gendatabase.com/books/Natal%...201891.pdf) predating apartheid by many decades.

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Posted by: Mixtius - 2020-09-07, 10:34 PM - Forum: Brain ous - No Replies


W3Schools is an educational website for learning web technologies online.

Content includes tutorials and references relating to HTMLCSSJavaScriptJSONPHPPythonAngularJSReact.jsSQLBootstrapSassNode.jsjQueryXQueryAJAXXMLRaspberry PiC++C# and Java.

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